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If Eilís, also known as Beth; as a form of introduction, could mention her greatest career failure and spiritual strength simultaneously, it would be her pursuit of and involvement in: a miscellany of studies – a general arts & humanities university degree, for example; a variety of hobbies – dancing the zumba, parenting houseplants, dealing tarot cards and viewing Canadian content, to name four, and; living through decades of different work and volunteer settings that include classrooms in northern Québec and Oaxaca México and, organic vegetable gardens and Government of Alberta offices in Edmonton Canada.

Despite the appearance of job and place hopping, Misc Ghliasáin benefits enormously from her assortment of lifetime situations and locations. It keeps her youthful. At least, she thinks so. Hence, this blog. It’s full of news and information that Eilís researches and fact checks; subjects that she knows about; from her years of fun and curious investigation of her favourite topics. Bonne lecture. Le style divers.

So why Cancon Eilís?

Image (street art Toronto): Canadian Culture: Undervalued by Francesco Mariani (date: Sept 22-2009)

“Many Canadians argue persistently about the need for protectionist policies to counter American cultural intrusion,” writes preeminent American political scientist Kevin Mulcahy. “This cultural ‘crisis mentality’ is understandable in a nation of 37 million adjacent to one of some 320 million whose popular culture dominates the world’s entertainment venues. The fear of ‘cultural annexation’ can best be understood when one realizes that 95 percent of Canadian movies, 75 percent of their prime time television…are American products.” 

“Public Culture, Cultural Identity, Cultural Policy: Comparitive Perspectives” by Kevin V. Mulcahy. ©Springer Publishing, 2017.

Eilís’ Cancon future blogs and posts are statusless and based on her criteria of Canadian quality shows and their relevance, “residence”, talent, content and contribution to contemporary Canadian society. For example: Tina Louise Bomberry – star of CBC’s renown drama “North of 60”, (1966-2018) followed John Candy – Canadian “Hollywood” comedian (1950-1994) on Eilís deceased actors register in the last Cancon column she maintained on IMDb.com.

Prior to her later lifetime activity of patriot musings, Eilís acquired her cultural sovereigntist perspectives as a 1960’s/70’s teenager. She watched television programs like “Wojeck” and “Front Page Challenge”; without the temptation of cable television. Not that she would have been tempted. “Wojeck” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wojeck) was the first television drama she observed as a teen. After that, anything from south of the border appeared somewhat artificial to her, in comparison.

Additionally, Mel Hurtig, the famous Canadian nationalist from Edmonton Canada influenced Eilís’ advocacy for the subject when she resided in the City during the 1980’s and 90’s. Around the same time, Eilís earned a journalism after-degree in Halifax Nova Scotia in 1985; where she studied under “Canada’s conscience,” * author of “As They See Us” (1977) – which according to Wikipedia “foresaw “Talking to Americans”” – and journalist Walter Stewart.

To note a few more prominent Cancon heroes with links; Wendy Crewson and Albert Johnson:

When Eilís dug around for archival material to complete this opinion piece, she found a still relevant “… Queen’s University Journal” interview with “alumna, Wendy Crewson”. Dismayingly, 22 years later; from this commentator’s viewpoint; the Toronto actor’s thoughts on the cultural Americanisation of Canada ring true today: https://www.queensjournal.ca/story/2009-03-27/features/hollywoods-canadian-content/. “All we see on our screens right now are Americans coming back at us. The only popular voice we have right now is the American”, said Ms Crewson (in 2009). “A country that does not own its own airwaves, does not own itself. Eventually, it will fall to the influence of whatever country it chooses to broadcast.” Does this reflect Canada’s situation in 2021? Or, just how much Canadians have given up on the issue? Look at the CTV https://www.ctv.ca/ and Global TV https://www.globaltv.com/ listings. How much Cancon – other than news – do you see there?

Finally, for readers who continue to read; a clip from 1978 featuring former CBC President Albert Johnson. Yes, it’s antiquated. But after seeing and hearing this sixties era past Political Science professor and distinguished public servant; you will never think the same way about “the matter” again. Why Cancon Eilís? This is why: https://www.cbc.ca/archives/entry/canadian-children-watching-american-television

* Bill Doskoch, Letters to the Editor, Toronto Star, 2004.

Photos of blogger: Spring, 2021, on the shores of Okanagan Lake, BC Canada.

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