About Misc Ghliasáin

If Eilís, also known as Beth; as a form of introduction, could mention her greatest career failure and spiritual strength simultaneously, it would be her pursuit of and involvement in: a miscellany of studies – a general arts & humanities university degree, for example; a variety of hobbies – dancing the zumba, parenting houseplants, dealing tarot cards and viewing Canadian content, to name four, and; living through decades of different work and volunteer settings that include classrooms in northern Québec and Oaxaca México and, organic vegetable gardens and Government of Alberta offices in Edmonton Canada.

Despite the appearance of job and place hopping, Misc Ghliasáin benefits enormously from her assortment of lifetime situations and locations. It keeps her youthful. At least, she thinks so. Hence, this blog. It’s full of news and information that Eilís researches and fact checks; subjects that she knows about; from her years of fun and curious investigation of her favourite topics. Bonne lecture. Le style divers.

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